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We are a car rental company located in the Baltimore MD area. We provide different kinds of rentals including economy, luxury, and super cars in D.C. Maryland and Virginia. We strive for excellence with our vehicles and customer service. You will find super cars, luxury, cars, as well as hybrid and economy cars. We focus and care about our customers. The main car of the business is to provide as much value to YOU as possible. Our company mission is to Dream IT. Build IT. Grow IT.

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Why Choose Us

We are customer centric local car rental organization whose focus is to provide the most value to our local customers. Our organization is working to partner with local institution to bring the best in class vehicles directly to our customers.

Auto Body Shop

When things go wrong on the road, we can always trust our auto body shop partner to be there. They provide excellent service for our vehicles

Our Affiliate Partner for Super cars and Luxury Cars. My sugar exotics provides the best in class vehicles. Luxury should not be sacrificed for price.

Our commercial auto insurance partner. Providing commercial insurance for our economy and hybrid vehicles. Creating peace of mind for every rental.


Powering all our direct rental business, Fleetwire is the CRM platform business owners can trust.

The ultimate electronic payment platform. Stripe makes payment easy and convenient with it’s UI.

Partner Name

This description is about our 5th partner that helps makes our business run smoothly and efficiently

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